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Wayne Bettess, Co-Creator of Warrior Trades coming to you direct from… erm Luton!! (The big American hosts always use that line and I really fancied giving it a try)

For those that do not know, Warrior Trades has been created to give small trade business owner a resource for information, ideas, collaboration, support, guidance & much much more… Our aim is to help trade based businesses get up to their next step on the ladder, whether that be from going employed to self-employed, self-employed to your first engineer, expanding in premises and getting more staff, Warrior Trades Can HELP YOU Learn, Earn & Grow your business and self.

Our Co-Creator Jamie Cureton has put together a great ‘ Fixed Price Template’ available for FREE, all you need to do is visit http://www.warriortrades.co.uk/jamie to get access to your very own copy today, this is a must-have! Jamie has also created a video to give an explanation on how to use it effectively.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope it has helped you.

 Learn // Earn // Grow


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