Do business The Warrior Way.

Hey Warriors, in this article we want to share with you what it means to do things the “Warrior Way’. In our last video/article we shared with you the first mistake I made in business, where Jamie shared his experience of where he went wrong at the the start of his business journey. If you haven’t seen it yet then  I recommend you starting there first!

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The first mistake Jamie made was not having his head in the right place, purely because he was programmed to think like an engineer or a technician -someone who completed tasks to get jobs done, which led him into doing everything himself, causing overwhelm and resent. Something we find a lot of self employed trades people can relate to.

In this article we want to share with you our way of thinking, which might seem a bit alien to begin and difficult to adopt, but without changing your way of thinking from a “doing everything” perspective to a more creative and managerial perspective, your business will never grow to be bigger than you or work and grow without you.

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The business should serve you first, not your customers.

A huge mistake self employed tradespeople make is they sacrifice a lot for the business, they serve the business! This is done unintentionally, most of the time the business owner thinks they’re sacrificing everything for their family to create something for them, but really all they are doing is sacrificing the time they would usually spend with the family to please a customer.

But this is all wrong! Ok, customer satisfaction is important, but it’s also important for a customer to understand that there are such things as normal working hours and between certain times people deserve ‘family time’ or something else called ‘a break’.

The business should serve you – the business owner, first! You went into business because you wanted the freedom and the choice to do things on your terms, so don’t forget that!

The business should serve you in other ways too though, you should get some sense of achievement out of it. You have to have a passion for it and it has to make you feel good in some way, not fill you with dread because you have a pile of paper work to get through.

As your business grows, you’ll become a leader and a mentor, watching your team grow and flourish beyond your capability is the best part about being a business owner, this is where the real rewards come! This is when the business really serves you!

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The first step is committing to change.

If you’re someone who wants to grow a business that can work and grow without you, to give you freedom to enjoy your life, but you’re a one-man enterprise doing everything from book keeping to online marketing, then you have to commit to change.

It’s not your fault that your brain is programmed to think that you have to do everything, our education system doesn’t encourage leadership and entrepreneurialism. Instead, we’re encouraged to get a job, work hard and  you’ll be rewarded when your retire! ……. Great! And of course, we’ve become so used to doing everything ourselves, and lack the leadership skills we need,  we struggle to trust other people to do things for us, “they’ll never do it as good as me”. Sound familiar?

The commitment to change is hard, and takes practice, but it’s necessary to create the space for developing a business into a machine that works without the sole input of one person.

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Going into business means you have what it takes.

If you made the jump into the business world then you have the characteristics in you already. Before the business, there was nothing, you thought up the name, the brand, the processes into making it all work. You most likely created everything and when you were happy with what you had created you set to work on making sure all the ‘stuff’ got done.

This is where you made the same mistake as Jamie.  As a small business (who most probably lacked the capital to go on and employ everyone needed to keep the machine going) someone had to do the work to bring in the revenue to survive. You most likely became so bogged down with the day to day tasks, that the development stopped and you became an overworked tradesperson/ bookkeeper/ administrator/ salesperson/ ……you get the point.

I’m not saying stop what you’re doing and focus purely on creating and developing, I’m saying you need to work out a balance, that keeps the machine going, whilst continuing to travel towards a bigger picture …. The Vision!

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Your time is your most valuable asset

Time is something that we can’t get back, as the CEO of a company your time has a value attached to it. I’m not talking your hourly rate to do whatever it is you’re skilled at doing. Your value attached to your time as CEO could be described as intangible, it’s something that you can’t put your finger on for sure, how much do you value your time? Our experience shows that self employed tradespeople tend to undervalue their time and spend too much of their time doing things for free.

Rather than spending your time looking at bank transactions, or seeing if people have paid on time, imagine if you spent some time making contact with potential clients and ended up bagging yourself a life changing contract for example.

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Leveraging = acceleration.

Leveraging is key, but in order to leverage you need to have a few things in place to make sure you can hold people accountable for achieving the results they’re responsible for.

If you’re unsure what we mean by leveraging, then don’t worry we plan to go into this in more detail, but in a nut shell, leveraging is making the most of someone else’s skills, expertise or money to achieve faster results.

Sure, you can sit around for hours on end learning how to do something – bookkeeping, accounting, online marketing, website building etc etc, and finally after hours and hours or days and days of hard work you will finally achieve your result.

But if you were to leverage from someone else, who already knows what they  are doing, then you will have the hours and hours or days and days free to develop, build and create.

Before you go off-loading all of your ‘stuff’ to someone better qualified than you, you need to understand that it’s still your responsibility to make sure this ‘stuff’ gets done to the standard you expect and need for your business and not just assume that everyone will do it the way you would without them being properly inducted.  To help you make sure of this we’ll be going into a lot more detail in a future episode.

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Self discipline leads to greater rewards

In order to get your business to the next level it’s going to require a tremendous amount of self discipline. Changing your daily habits to become more in control and more efficient at what you do isn’t something that comes over night.

You need to be sure of what your purpose is, what your passion is in life and what inspires you and gives you the greatest sense of achievement to keep you going through hard times. Which leads us onto our next article – ‘Establishing your Why’.

Once we ‘Establish your Why’ we can create a business that embodies your values and purpose, so that everything the business does, it does it to serve you!

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