Establishing your ‘Why’

Hey Warrior, in this article we’re going to be ‘establishing your why’.  In our last article ‘Do Business the Warrior Way’  we spoke about how your business should serve you and your life. Establishing your why is the first step towards having  a business that serves you.

How is having a ‘why’ going to transform your business?

When I was learning about business this ‘Why’ thing kept cropping up, there are whole books written about having a ‘Why’, so I figured this thing must be important.

When I first started trying to implement it I felt like I was wasting my time, I had too many fires to put out and this ‘Why’ thing isn’t doing anything instant to help these fires go away.

Once I finally got through it I realised that my ‘Why’ was about to dictate everything we did moving forward, the ‘Why’ lead to the creation of our ‘Company Values’ and our ‘Vision’, and if a decision we’re making isn’t honouring our vision or it’s not in line with our values then we simply do not do it.

Your ‘Why’ isn’t just about feeding the wife and kids, it’s about satisfying your needs to feel good about yourself too. Your ‘Why’ is going to cover things like – Why do we serve these customers, what sort of customers do we serve, why do we employ these types of people etc. It’s a set of values that should motivate you and keep you on track to achieve your vision.

Where do you start when working out your ‘Why’?

The first step to establishing your ‘Why’ is taking a look within yourself. I would recommend asking yourself these questions and writing down the answers to them. They should help bring things to the top of your mind, things you probably haven’t stopped to think about for some time.

1. What do you imagine your life to be like if you were to have it your way? Where would you be? Who would you be with? What would you be doing?

Write a paragraph or two about what sort of lifestyle you want to live? Is money the most important thing to you or is having the time to spend with your loved ones more important?

2. What is it about your life that’s missing right now in comparison to where you want to be?

We’re going to keep this in mind because in order to achieve the end goal that you have just thought about you’re going to need to take massive action and when things get tough, the comparison between the two will help keep you motivated.

3. What are your strengths? List 10 if you can.

4. What are your weaknesses? List 10 if you can.

5. What things don’t you want in your life?

Let’s forget about having no money or no house or cars here and focus on the emotional things, a few examples could be – dishonesty, disrespect, disloyalty etc.

6. What things do you want in your life?

Looking over what you definitely don’t want in your life is going to help highlight what you do want.

Answering these questions is quite hard, especially if you’re not used to putting yourself first and have never stopped to ask yourself these sorts of things before. Once we have a solid list of the things that you want your life to be about we can outline your ‘Core Values’

What are your ‘Core Values’

Now we have established our list of things we want in our life, we can elaborate on these to set out our ‘Core Values’. Our aim here is to have 5 – 10 values, which correlate with the things you have established that you want in your life, this can then be transferred into the business.

Once you have your list of your ‘Core Values’, turn these into sentences. For example if one of your values was to ‘Be honest’, create a few bullet points on how you want you and your team to be honest.

Example – Be Honest

  • Be honest with our customers by not telling them they need something they don’t and giving them good true advice on things that would benefit them.
  • Be honest with your team members, if you have feedback for someone which is constructive then you’re prepared to share with them.

These core values will help you employee the right people who fit in with the what the company is about, it will help you and your team serve customers in a way which helps everyone feel good about they are doing and ultimately allow the business to serve you and your needs and it will also help you hold your team accountable when things don’t go to plan.

Create your ‘Purpose Statement’

A purpose statement is a paragraph which encompasses your ‘Core values’. The purpose statement is something you and your team members can have in the back of their head when dealing with a customer or a problem. It helps them make decisions without the need for getting in contact with you.

They can ask themselves “Is this inline with our purpose statement and our values”,  if whatever they need to resolve falls in line with the purpose statement and the values then there’s a good chance that they’re not going to make the wrong decision.

To Wrap up….

So the ‘Why’ is more than just ‘why do we get up and go to work in the morning’. It’s something that  will set the foundation and the benchmark in how your company is going be moving forward.

You can use it to make decisions for the company, you can use it to hold your team accountable, you can use it to decide what sort of customers you want to work with, ones who value your values etc. Ultimately, it will help the business serve you!

Now we are sure about who you are and what your company is all about, we can now start being creative and plan our future. By setting your ‘Company Vision’.

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