The first mistake I made when going into business.

Hello Warrior! My name’s Jamie Cureton and this article is all about the first mistake I made when going into business, actually, it was an on-going mistake which I continued to make for some time. If you’re not the sort of person who likes to read, then you can skip straight to the video which at the bottom of this page.

When I went into business, I assumed that being a self-employed trades professional meant that all I need to do is take a few phone calls, turn up on time, do a good job, get paid, and move onto the next one, I was completely oblivious to what actually running a business would be like.

Little did I know had just walked into a whole new dimension. Where ‘turning up to the job on time and getting paid’ actually made up about 5% of everything I needed to know.

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It all started so well…

To begin with, things were great, I took the phone calls, I turned up on time, did a great job and provided a great service, easy! Oh, and got paid, of course! At the start things were great, a steady flow of work came in which gave me time to learn about the admin and the marketing and gave me time to do the development work of getting the website up and running etc.

I loved it, it was all new to me and challenging, I knew I was building something for me and my family, it was exciting! I became quite addicted to it actually, and spent more and more time building and growing, I was seeing results which encouraged me to do more and more.

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But then things changed…

The service I was providing my customers meant that word quickly spread, I was all over the internet and people were finding me easily, the flow of work kept increasing. So what do you? You keep filling your diary of course! Think of the money!

At the beginning I was leaving for work at 9:00 and getting home for 3-4:00, I promised I’d always spend time with my daughter and never let that slip. The problem I now had was because I was booking more and more work in, I had to leave earlier and get home earlier, the time I spent with my daughter got less and less, but guess what? All the admin work, the marketing and the development work still needed doing, my days stretched from getting up at 5 am to finishing at 11 just to keep up! But it’s cool, I’m building an empire for the benefit of the family, aren’t I!?

Sure! Building an empire for the family, the family which began to fall apart! I forgot about the other half, I had neglected her and things fell apart. We’re no longer together!

Of course, there was more than just that which caused the breakup but you can bet it was a good catalyst for bringing it on, but I still had my daughter to think about so continued to crack on.

At the start, I was so energetic and free to provide the service, but things were coming through so thick and fast, I was working almost 18 hour days, I began to fall apart. I forgot to get back to customers, I forgot to get payment, I forgot about the admin, the marketing, everything became a chore. Eventually, I began to resent the business and began to feel disappointed in myself.

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Something in me changed…

I believe you need to hit rock bottom to come back up again, if you don’t feel the pain then you don’t have the emotional drive to make the change. I knew there had to be a solution! I realised that I was great at being a heating engineer but I knew nothing about what a business should actually look like and how it should operate. I was once a cog in a machine as an employee, but I needed to figure out how to build the machine. So I took action and learnt as much as I could.

This is the biggest mistake every trades person I know seems to make, they’re trained at being a great tradesperson, great at doing the work. We’re not trained in business, and that’s the same for most people who decide to go into business. They start up, struggle and close down, most businesses fail in the first five years, I wonder why!?

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There is another way…

The thing is, there is another way! There are companies out there who started out and ended up making a huge success of it, this doesn’t just happen by accident. They learnt how to build the processes and systems and learnt how to lead people and manage people to perform better than what they can. Of course, this in itself is a huge task, but it’s so rewarding and the time invested will pay dividends once you start getting some freedom back!

For some people, they don’t want to be a company and have other people work for them who they have to deal with and manage, and that’s cool! The best advice I give you is, charge high rates, do less work and keep spare time during the day to manage the admin etc, don’t overbook yourself, and cut into the time you would usually spend with your family. Don’t do what I did!

But to the ones who are reading this thinking Yes!! I want something to work without me, I want to build something that will give me more time to do things in life I want to do, on my terms and produce a nice income to enjoy some nice things! Then stick with us, make sure you’re following us, we’re going to sharing the steps to take to create this freedom. But first, we need to start from the basics and build a solid foundation, not one that’s on quicksand!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the video!

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4 Replies to “The first mistake I made when going into business.”

    1. Hey Toby, thanks for commenting. The aim of the game here is to help fellow trades people, who are either thinking of setting up business or are already in business, do better in business.

      Wayne and I have made a lot of mistakes in business and have learnt a lot through our own experience. It’s been a long winded process and we wished we had something to follow to help us get where we wanted quicker.

      So that’s where the journey begins really, just 2 guys trying to help others. Where this ends up? Who knows. Were just doing something that were both passionate about.

      Hope that answers your question 😊👍🏻

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